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    Comments: I have to give a huge shout out to Dr. Paul Ghattas,DO at S.P.O.R.T Orthopedic and Sports Medicine in Frisco, Texas. Unfortunately when I was younger I tore my ACL playing basketball and I’ve had issues ever since. Swelling, pain, arthritis and and all of the joint issues that come with aging. Well, as you know, now I’m super active, getting lean, stronger and pushing myself hard to be my best. When I started doing squats and leg presses at the gym, riding my bike heavily I began to experience the pain and swelling that came with aggravating that old injury.

    I went to Dr. Paul about 6 weeks ago and he was so great. He found out about me personally, he asked the right questions about my past injury, my activity level now and my goals for the future and he gave me options. Not only did he give me some options that fit my specific situation, but gave me a synopsis on all of the current and new technologies that are being developed in the area of joint health and treatments for my situation, osteoarthritis of the knee. Finding out about me was key in developing our strategy for keeping me as healthy as possible for as long as possible, so I can continue to rock it at the gym lifting weights, out on my bike, at the tennis court, whatever I’m doing.

    With Dr. Paul’s help, my knee is feeling better than it has in years and I’ve had no recurrence of swelling or the pain that I was having previous to visiting. This guy is a life saver and I’m super grateful that he was available and there to help when I needed him. I’m looking forward to being able to push my body hard enough to achieve my goals right now! No more being laid up on crutches waiting for the swelling in my knee to allow me to get back to it. That’s a huge relief.

    If you need help with a similar situation or need a fantastic Sport Medicine clinic, you should check out S.P.O.R.T asap. The entire crew over there is really great!